Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Feria

We had a fun outing today! We went to a local feria (fair) where folks were selling their wares and spreading the word about their local services. Our friends Andrew, Daniella, and Nicholas had a booth there, too, where they displayed Andrew's hand-made African drums and information about his farm, Daniella's beautiful metal-engraving, and Nicholas' drawings of local birds.

I also met a woman I call "The Tamale Lady", who was very sweet and explained to me in great detail (entirely in Spanish) all about her tamales, her hot pepper sauces and relishes, and her hand-embroidered clothing. I really enjoyed her tamales and hot pepper sauce, not to mention her conversation, of which I only understood a fraction.

During the fair there was some entertainment. The first act was this beautiful and colorful group of children dancing traditional Spanish dances. It's the Costa Rican version of clogging, without which no Burnsville fair is complete.

You may recognize the dynamic duo in the next act. George and Andrew pounded out African rhythms for all the fair to hear.

And now they have fans of all ages!

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