Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome Home!

We had quite the family reunion when we reached South Carolina.  
The grand-mamas were eagerly awaiting our arrival.
Grana and Lala, doing what they do best.
 We also saw many, many more cousins.
Elizabeth and her family
Adalaya's 1st cousins in South Carolina
They wanted to come live in the van with us!
Rosanne threw us a "Welcome Home" party.
We showed folks our route on the map...

and showed off the patch blanket.
 We saw more family when we finally made it to North Carolina.
Adalaya with more 1st cousins, Collin and Peyton
The Tipps'
 We made one more stop before heading back home.  For my 36th birthday, I wanted to spend a few days in Hot Springs.
 We invited our wonderful friends from Celo, Jason and Stephanie, to join us.  It was a great way to transition back to real life.
Now we're home, and although I was ready to keep traveling, George and Adalaya are very happy to be home.  It was an amazing trip, and we've made memories that we will cherish forever!

In total we visited:
4 Countries
21 National Parks
Many National Monuments, Seashores, Historic Sites, and State Parks
183 Laundromats
and Countless Cousins

With Love,  3 Brasingtons & A Van

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