Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day and they celebrate the birth of their nation in a similar fashion - flags and fireworks! George and Adalaya also celebrated it by dunking themselves in the frigid waters of Lake Huron. We've been wanting to swim in these beautiful lakes for awhile now, but because of the temperature of the water, the chilly wind, and the rocky coast we have not submerged more than our feet. But today we found a nice sandy beach and it was a bit warmer (although still plenty windy) so we attempted it. All bodily alarms went off once we got knee deep, so we had to increase the stakes. We have been allotting ourselves one indulgent ice-cream cone per week, so we set the stakes to an extra ice-cream cone (with 2 scoops) in a waffle cone with sprinkles to anyone that fully submerged themselves (including their head). I decided that I don't like ice-cream that much, so I wimped out and opted to document the event. Unfortunately, I can't get the video to load, but here's a few photos.

The task at hand...

And the spoils...


  1. Hey team - I am working and living at Interlochen Center for the Arts in northern Michigan this summer. I think you're neraby...give me a holler if you want to see this amazing place and stop by for a visit. It's pretty spectacular and chances are that you'd be able to see any number of performances if you showed up. I'm happy to host, but don't have a place to put you up overnight (I'm renting a single room). There's the Interlochen State Park for camping options...Let me know. ~Katey Schultz katey.schultz[at]

  2. Hello Dear Whitney, Adalaya and George-
    What a magnificent blog you've created! We've been thinking of you and wondering how your adventure is unfolding and are so glad to be able to hear amusing stories of your journey and see beautiful pictures of your faces and the places you visit via this incredible technology! Thanks for sharing. We send you love and good thoughts, Usha and Sam

  3. Hi guys! Wow! Awesome blog. You all are the bravest folks I know! - Carrying on with the snakes, freezing water for an ice cream cone, and living in a van for a year! Such beautiful pics. Thanks for letting Niq and me stay on the futon on the 4th. It was very comfy :) Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Love you!