Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun with Friends in Lander, WY

We spent a great weekend in Lander, WY with friends who just moved back here from Celo. Annie and Jarred have been so sweet to let us wash up and take over their carport for some van repairs. This is a great little town with everything we could need in bicycling distance: multiple auto parts and hardware stores, used book store, outfitter, bakery, park, and a great microbrewery that also serves local organic beef. Wyoming is beef country after all - at least that's what all the signs say!

Today we took a beautiful hike up into Sinks Canyon to a great rock slide. What fun! We even found a smaller rock slide up river that was just the right size for Adalaya. Here we are on the big slide.

Thank you Annie and Jarred (and Butter Bean) for showing us such a good time! We wish you all the best in Lander, but we'll miss you in Celo!


  1. Wyoming looks refreshing after all that prairie! Fun!

  2. HEy There! Great post, we miss you already and hope that the Tetons treat you right. I was wondering if you could email me this picture, I kind of love it! Best of luck! Annie and fam