Friday, July 23, 2010

On The Road Again!

By George, he fixed it! Hooray for the self-proclaimed Hillbilly Extraordinaire! The van's running smooth again with a new fuel pump, new filters and many cleaned connections. We're on the road again and we've traveled 300 miles today through South Dakota, the most remote area I think I've ever been to in America. Prairie grassland everywhere, all day long. Not even many crops around here; some wheat fields but mostly rolling pasture and round hay bales.

We were needing some gas so we pulled into Hoover, the smallest town I've ever seen - it makes Micaville look big. Fortunately the woman mowing her lawn opened the Hoover General Store so that we could purchase some gas. The entire town consisted of this store, a few houses, a couple barns, 2 dogs and some chickens. I think the population consisted of one extended family. But it looked like Hoover must be a happening spot sometimes, because inside the general store there were several poker tables that looked well used. Here we are in Hoover, SD.

Down the road we came to Sturgis, SD another happening town. Starting the 2nd week in August, Sturgis hosts the biggest motorcycle rally in the world. A week long event, they are expecting between 600,000 and 800,000 motorcycles to descend on this Black Hills town for the 70th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The whole town seemed geared toward motorcycles, and many vendors with their tents full of T-shirts and motorcycle merchandise were already lining the streets. We figured we should enculturate ourselves while we're here, (yes I just made that word up) so we spent some time in the Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame. We saw lots of cool old motorcycles (the oldest was a 1905 Excelsior) and watched a little movie about the Sturgis Rally. Sturgis is for motorcycles what Darlington is for Nascar. George wishes he could be here for the rally. I am happy to be in Wyoming or Montana by then, but it was pretty cool seeing it today.

We took some back roads this afternoon and found a place to camp with a great overlook of the area. Unfortunately this knoll also had a good crop of prickly pears which George accidentally kicked while barefoot, and Adalaya sat upon. Ouch! Nevertheless, we watched a beautiful sunset and heard coyotes howling and yipping.


  1. Hey guys- Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your adventure! We are enjoying seeing the country through your eyes. If you happen to wander into southern Wyoming be sure to check out the Uintah Mountains. (That's where I worked the summer after college.) They run east-west along the Utah/Wyoming border and they are spectacular. There's a beautiful drive along the western edge down to Salt Lake, or you go around the eastern edge to Dinosaur Nat Monument.
    Happy travels! -Susan

  2. Hey George! James forwarded me your link and just wanted to let you know I love your new blog. I am also a blogger and am now a follower of yours. Check out my family blog at: and my business blog: Happy Blogging!

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  4. Very Cool... Thats my half sisters grandma that owns Hoover... I am making her a new sign as the old one was taken out by a storm... I do custom vinyl decals and car and truck wraps... Its a neat thing that you are doing... If you want to contact me its thanks... Josh

  5. and over a year later I find your blog!! My grandmother, Leona, owns the Hoover Store. And yes, the town consists of grandma and the neighbors up the road. The house used to be a stage stop hotel on the way to Deadwood. Glad you liked it! Stop in again!!