Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun with Family In and Around Seattle

As most of you know, George comes from a large southern family where cousins abound. Adalaya is always amazed when we go to Darlington and some passerby introduces themselves as her cousin. Little did she know how far reaching her relatives could be. For two nights we stayed with cousins Bill and Jan Edwards in their beautiful home in Lakewood, WA. George had a great time tracing the family tree and swapping stories of the homeland with Bill.

Jan and Bill took us out to a great pizza place where we were joined by more cousins - their daughter Meg, husband Everett, and fireball of a daughter, Allison. Adalaya and Allison had lots of fun molding pizza dough and coloring while waiting for dinner. They hated to say goodbye when it was all over.

The next day cousin Bill put on his tourguide hat and took us into the big city of Seattle. We were very thankful to be chauffeured around by someone who knows where to go. We were able to sit back and enjoy the sights. He took us to Pike Place Market, a hot spot of Seattle that several people had recommended. It was a feast for all senses! I loved it! It's the kind of place that makes me want to live in a city. Here's a few of the sights.

The big piggy bank.

The freshest of fish.

Nearly every kind of herb and tea, but not nettles.

These guys had the nettles, among a few other things.

Name a fruit or vegetable and they've got it.

Flowers galore . . .

The cheese counter - George's favorite

More seafood - check out the size of those lobster tails!

Everything here was dangerously delicious, and we indulged. Needless to say, we also brought home many treats which we sampled before feasting on a delicious salmon dinner that Jan had prepared. Thank you so much, cousins, for your gracious hospitality! We hope to return someday soon!

Now we're on the road once again with all of our Pike Place goodies to keep us smiling.

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