Friday, September 24, 2010

Redwood Country

Well, we've made it to Northern California! This is a huge milestone for us. The Redwoods have been on the top of Adalaya's list of places to visit on our trip. These ancient old-growth forests are preserved in Redwoods National Park, and numerous other state parks along the northern coast of California. We have explored many of these primeval groves now, and they are all unspeakably magical. My photos don't do them justice, but I think they'll give a glimpse of the enormity of these awe-inspiring trees which are the tallest in the world.

We also did the all-too-touristy but not very reverent act of driving through one of these giants.

The Redwood forest stretches (intermittently now) along the coast of Northern California, so as we zigzagged our way from the coast to towns and cities more inland, we sought refuge in these amazing forests. We always felt like we could ground ourselves here, like we were home.

This photo was taken in "The Children's Forest", a magical grove dedicated to children.

Adalaya really enjoyed making forts in the Redwoods whenever we camped in the parks. This Redwood stump in one of our campsites made for a great place to record these good memories.

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