Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visiting Victoria, BC

Many people that we've met along the way have recommended visiting Victoria, British Columbia. So, on Labor Day morning we took a ferry through the San Juan Islands to Van Couver Island. The day was cloudy and rainy once again, but the view from the ferry was nevertheless beautiful.

Sure enough, Victoria is an amazing city, just like everyone said. Even though it was rainy while we were there, we found lots of great things to do. We've decided that it's much nicer to be in a city on a rainy day than in the wilderness. Victoria is very culturally diverse city, and we found lots to do there. George favored the various fish markets where he brought back smoked salmon and other fishy delights.

Adalaya and I hit Chinatown where she found some of her favorite seaweed snacks. There she is in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo with the rainbow umbrella.

I love the native art of this area and the totem poles, and the Royal BC Museum has an entire floor devoted to the "First People".

Lots of totem poles outside too.

Even the Parliament Building has a huge totem pole on the lawn.

To round out our multi-cultural experience in Victoria, Adalaya and I splurged and went to the Empress Hotel for high tea. Adalaya requested the Princess Tea which included all sorts of treats fit for a princess, including Pringles. Too fun!

All this in only 2 days on the island. We were fortunate to stay with the Victoria faction of the Wilson Clan whom we had previously met in Victoria Beach, Manitoba while visiting Samarie and David. Coincidentally, Hayden and his girlfriend, Amy, were also visiting. It was great to see a familiar face from Celo. We even got to meet "Grandma Fern".

We left the island at dusk on the ferry to Port Angeles, Washington after an amazing couple of days. This was our parting view: Parliament alight.

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  1. Wow!! Victoria looks amazing. Adalaya, I wish I could have been there for the tea party. I want a list of the goodies that were served. The ladies at my church are planning an English tea in Feb. Some authentic food suggestions would be great. Martha and I wanted to do that at a hotel in Hong Kong but couldn't work the schedule.
    Travel quote: Where so ever you go, go with all your heart. - Confucius Love you, Grana